Our Executive Team

Our executives know our organisation and our people, they drive business strategy and vision.

Let us introduce them:

Cameron Ryan

Chief Executive Officer
Email: Cameron.Ryan@arcgroup.com.au

Paul Hoad

Chief Financial Officer
Email: Paul.Hoad@arcgroup.com.au

Diala Semaan

Head of People & Culture
Email: Diala.Semaan@arcgroup.com.au

Mark Baker

National Cality Care Manager
Email: Mark.Baker@calitycare.com.au

Mercina Markou

Group Training Organisation Manager
Email: Mercina.Markou@arcgroup.com.au

Dave Kopycinski

Registered Training Organisation Manager
Email: David.Kopycinski@arcgroup.com.au

James Eskander

Head of Growth and Acquisition
Email: James.Eskander@arcgroup.com.au

James Kim

Partnership Executive & Head of International Business
Email: James.Kim@arcgroup.com.au